Ventura Pet Wellness & Dog Training Center

3521 Arundell Circle #B Ventura CA 93003

Shannon Coyner Wellness Coach, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Registered Veterinary Technician


Ventura Pet Wellness & Dog Training Center is a force free training facility. 

Using positive reinforcement training methods has been proven, through scientific studies, to be the most effective and have the best long-term results. It has been Shannon Coyner's vision to create safe and supportive training environment. All classes and programs are created to build trust between people and their pets.


Shannon Coyner

Shannon is currently serving as President Elect for the Society of Veterinary Behavior TechniciansShe is a strong proponent of force free dog training.  She is a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer, California Registered Veterinary Technician and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

Shannon's book "The Evolution of Dog Training" is now available! You may purchase her book online on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!  


Melissa Jones

Melissa is Shannon's Administrative Assistant. She helps with coordinating classes and Shannon's crazy schedule! Melissa is a life long dog lover as well! 
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