Becoming a Therapy Dog / Service Dog / Emotional Support Animal

What Are Service Dogs, Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals?

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Becoming A Therapy Dog


Therapy Dog Information:

Becoming a therapy dog depends on the organization you are working through. Each therapy dog organization has its own requirements and tests that the dog must pass before being approved. There is a listing on the AKC website at  of the therapy organizations that are approved through the AKC such as "Love on a Leash, Therapy Dog International or Pet Partners". Most dogs must be at least 1 year old, have completed a basic obedience class (Good Manners) and passed their CGC test before they can be evaluated by the therapy dog organization.  

At Ventura Pet Wellness & Dog Training Center we require you to complete both Good Manners 1 and Good Manners 2 before moving forward with the instructors approval to our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) class. 

Good Manners Class Includes:This class focuses on beginning obedience. Everything from sit and down to loose leash walking, leave-it, drop-it & more! We also incorporate a little agility fun into every class! The perfect opportunity to learn with your dog and have some fun!

Good Manners 3/ Canine Good Citizen Class (CGC):

This 6-week program is $160 (This includes the CGC Testing Fee)  

Dogs of all ages are welcome, must be on current vaccines. 


CGC Prep and Class: 

In this 6-week program we will cover the 10 test items which comprise the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. To see skills required for the CGC Test please visit The 6-week program includes 5 weeks of training followed by the CGC Test which will be held on the final day of class. (There will be no practice time on the final day of class)

REQUIRED PREREQUISITES: Good Manners 1 & Good Manners 2


Becoming A Service Dog

Service Dog Information: 

Please see the "Characteristics of a Good Service Dog" handout that will include all information in regards to becoming a Service Dog

You may also find additional information at and

This will go over the minimum training standards, different types of service dogs as well as how long it will take to train your dog before taking the Public Access Test. 


Becoming An Emotional Support Animal

Please click on the link below to see what it takes to become an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal